Shop Our Spice Jars and Baskets Collection
Shop Our Spice Jars and Baskets Collection


These woven rattan baskets are easy to clean and can be washed without breakage, thanks to their strong toughness and high-quality PP material.
With a handle for easy suspension and retrieving, this small basket saves more space and adds a rustic touch to your home. You will love it.
This rattan woven basket has a simple but not monotonous appearance that can be used to decorate your kitchen with a pastoral atmosphere. It also comes with a handle for easy carrying.
The S size can hold approximately 6-7 heads of garlic, while the L size can hold approximately 15-16 heads of garlic. It has a huge storage space that can meet your daily storage needs. A practical storage tool that makes your kitchen cleaner.
These baskets are made of natural woven rattan and have sturdy handles for easy carrying. You can hang them on the wall as a rustic decoration or use them to store various tableware in the kitchen. They are also great for organizing items in the living room or other rooms.


Dimensions: 14.4*11.*15 cm

Weight: about 115g

Material: Rattan

Packing: Woven Rattan Baskets with Handle * 1